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Is it really “Gluten free?”

Hey guys…I would like to address gluten intolerance for those customers who worry about gluten free meals here at the Taverna. Hi – my name is Deb (Despina) Manos and I own the Taverna Manos. Since childhood, I have had severe allergies and autoimmune issues including IBS. I am the poster child for gluten intolerance. My fingers and joints show evidence of rheumatoid arthritis/ osteoarthritis . Why am i telling you this? Because we bought this restaurant so that the food we make is not only tasty but healthy for my arthritic issues. My son Nick is my “personal chef”. Two things make him top notch in preparing gluten free foods: He knows what it means to insure that his mother does not suffer with joint pains, arthralgia, digestive disorders and a host of other nasty things and secondly, he studied microbiology/disease processes at the University of Florida . He knows how to safely prepare dishes that make mommy not hurt! Gluten intolerance/autoimmune problems are serious problems and so I know how important it is to make sure our meals are safe to eat for ppl like me. I’m living proof! if you have dietary issues please discuss this with us so we can tell you about your food’s preparation in advance. As anyone with digestive problems knows – sometimes your body just plays mean tricks regardless of how careful you can be. Bon Appetite!