Hi everyone – attention parakalo!! HI EVERYONE!!! There have been a lot of questions about reservations. Although you do NOT need to make reservations per se, they are always recommended to insure a table. They are ESPECIALLY recommended between dinner time 5 and 7 am every day and they are ALWAYS NECESARY for large parties for any day of the week. We hate turning people away¬†.so call us….. Our number is 352-564-0078.


We are taking reservations now for Thanksgiving. The Taverna will be open from 12 noon till 5pm…with the last seating at 4 pm. Please make reservations soon as we are booking fast! Also please note that we are closed Black Friday, Saturday and Sunday and will reopen on Monday at 11 that our staff can enjoy Family time with their families! Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. May God’s blessings be on you and your family always! -The staff at Taverna Manos  


This is what makes us stand out from the rest: Our vision when we created Taverna Manos was to have a restaurant That served the HEALTHIEST AND MOST NUTRITIOUS foods available to our customers.  We wanted a restaurant that  catered to customers that cared about what they ate.  We also wanted a restaurant that was affordable and a great value for your dining dollar.  We are proud of our restaurant and this award shows that this concept works.  As we start our 5th year we want to share two of our most important new concepts: 5% discount for the use of cash.   Taverna Manos is now offering an option and an incentive of 5% discount for cash payments.  Our decision was simple, before October 2015 all banks will be moving to new credit card  systems.  This has been mandated and there is no choice. This credit card system now

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How to Make Flaming cheese – Greek Saganaki!

Here’s a quick video to explain how to make Saganaki at home. ¬†One of the Taverna favorites. Goat cheese is a favorite in Greece and coating in flour and pan frying is an all time favorite. The smell is fantastic and this is comfort food at its finest. ¬†Serve with toasted pita bread and a nice Greek wine for an additional treat for your guests – or just for you! resources: Video provided on YouTube by GreekFoodTV.

We Support Local Craft Beers – Check it out!

Click on the image of “COPP” our flyer image below to make a clearer and larger image. ¬† Here at the Taverna, we appreciate the¬†craftsmanship of these the local breweries such as: Copp Brewery and¬†Winery in Crystal River, FL Orange Blossom Brewery in Orlando, FL and Swamp Head Brewery in Gainesville, FL. ¬† We invite you to come and spend some time and try them all at the Taverna. ¬†Come try some of the best brewed beers around! ¬†Stin Ya’sas (Cheers!)   CLICK ON THE LOGO OF “COPP” BELOW TO ENLARGE THE ¬†FLYER:                                                         This is a statue of PHAEDRA – Daughter of Minos and Pasiphae. A Goddess in Greek Mythology who had a long, crazy life that was often tragic and ended

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Caring for Your Cast Iron Pots and Pans

by Chef John Kana Here are some great tips on how to care for your Cast Iron pots and pans. ¬†Any great chef will tell you that cast iron is awesome to cook on! ¬†A good set will last your lifetime and your children and grandchildren’s ¬†lifetime too! Many people shy away from cast iron in lieu of Teflon looking for nonstick ¬†properties – but nothing compares to a great pan that has been well seasoned Cast iron provides hot, hot heat which is perfect for searing, braising or browning your meats before simmering or oven roasting. ¬†The entire pan can go into the oven to finish. ¬†These are versatile pans for any ¬†kitchen and no other pans can compare. Don’t be afraid to use it. New enameled sets are pricey but so worth the money. ¬†Purchasing these enameled set of iron ¬†pots and pans is an investment and guaranteed

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Herbs and Spices Used in Greek Cuisine – Good Health – Good Food

by Deborah Manos Herbs and Spices used in Greek Cuisine Thanks to for reminding us about the beautiful fragrance and tastes the spices give to our wonderful Greek food. The smells and essences of these spices date back to the very beginning of civilization and many brought from Asia on the way to the West. So many of these spices are not only fragrant and flavorful, but they are scientifically healthy as well. For example:  Herbs: Purlsane: Good for raw salads, it protects the heart. Basil: A stomach tonic as herbal tea, it calms the nerves and the headaches. It’s famous for its wonderful aroma and its insect-repellent properties too. Valeriana: The anti-stress element of nature. Anis: As tea it invigorates the digestive and the nervous systems; in dough and drinks (ouzo, tsípouro) it gives a rich taste. Laurel: With antiseptic properties against the catarrh and bronchitis, it adds

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Dictionary of Greek foods

by Deborah Manos Live longer ‚Äď be healthy. Eat like a Greek. The Mediterranean diet has been studied and found to be the healthiest way of eating on the planet. Here’s a listing of the unique flavors that may peak your curiosity and stimulate your imagination. If you are traveling to Greece make sure you eat your way through the country! ¬† ¬†If you are nearby Citrus County Florida then come to our Taverna and sample some of the different foods listed below. ¬†Of course, we do not have all of these things, but what we do have we are sure you will ¬†ENJOY! FETA: A traditional brined curd cheese that fits in with every dish. It is eaten in various forms – plain, with olive oil and herbs such as oregano, best with freshly baked bread, in a salad, with tomato, or in cheese pies. HORIATIKI: This is the

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